US Government – “Biggest” sanctions against North Korea

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January 22, 2017
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US President Trump continues in the North Korea conflict on harshness and new sanctions: It is “the largest package of measures ever imposed,” he announced.

US President Donald Trump was skeptical of the Olympic thaw between South and North Korea from the start. Even before the end of the Winter Games, Trump has now announced new sanctions against North Korea. They are directed against 56 shipping companies, ships and trading companies.

The US government accuses them of helping North Korea’s government bypass existing sanctions. According to information from government circles, the affected companies come from, inter alia, North Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tanzania and Panama.

Politics of “maximum pressure”
Speaking at the CPAC ultra-conservative conference, Trump said it was “the largest package of measures ever imposed on North Korea.” As a result, you will plug more revenue and fuel sources of North Korea. His government will continue the policy of “maximum pressure”.

“If the sanctions do not work, we have to start phase two, phase two will be a very rough affair, which could be very, very unfortunate for the world.” But he does not think he wants to play this card, Trump later said at a press conference with Australia’s premier Malcolm Turnbull.

Even before the start of the Winter Games, Vice President Mike Pence had announced that the US government would impose the “toughest and most aggressive sanctions against North Korea”, notwithstanding the recent rapprochement between South and North Korea.

Currently, Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka is in South Korea. She heads the US delegation for the Olympic graduation ceremony. However, no meeting is planned between her and North Korean representatives.

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